Balance sheet and financing

At the end of the review period, the Group’s balance sheet total was EUR 2,522.1 (2,298.4) million. Equity totalled EUR 500.1 (439.0) million and equity ratio at book value was 20.3 (19.7) per cent. Return on equity was 14.5 (13.6) per cent and return on investment 6.0 (6.1) per cent.

At the end of March, the Group's liquid assets totalled EUR 179.3 (140.1) million. The Group maintained good liquidity during the period. Of the EUR 80 million commercial paper programme, EUR 38.0 (41.5) million had been issued.

Interest-bearing liabilities stood at EUR 1,831.5 (1,667.3) million at the end of the period.